Increased expression of GCN2 coupled with decreased expression of

Increased expression of GCN2 coupled with decreased expression of CIMG_08909, a sky1p ortholog involved in mRNA splicing [40], is consistent with the hypothesis that the rate of protein production in day 2 spherules is lower than in mycelia Additional file 2: Table S3 lists the functional classification of all of the 184 C. immitis protein kinases and their S. cerevisiae homologs. 126 of these are eukaryotic protein kinases (ePKs) and

58 are atypical protein kinases (aPK). Of the ePK there are 47 novel kinases: 17 SRPKLs (serine/arginine rich protein kinase-like), 6 PezKs (pezizomycotina kinases) and 24 unclassified kinases designated as ‘Other’. We believe these 47 kinases to be novel because we did not observe orthologs in the species used for comparison, and they do not match families in There are 38 aPKs from well-known families, and 20 FunK1s (fungal kinase CH5424802 research buy 1s) from a family recently described in Coprinopsis cinerea[41] and Paracoccidioides[42].

Examining the classification of the differentially expressed protein kinases in day 2 spherules we found that 50% of STE11 kinases, 40% of the STE20 kinases and none of the STE7 kinases were downregulated compared to mycelia. 40% of the this website CAMK/CAMKL kinases are downregulated. Although the numbers are small, most of the protein kinases in the other/WEE, other/RAN and other/NAK classifications were downregulated. Table 2 Modulated protein kinases in day 2 and day 8 spherules Gene ID FCa FCb C. immitisannotation Classification gene S. cerevisiae CIMG_05093 −7.84 buy 5-FU 2.78 Serine/threonine-protein kinase; meiosis induction protein kinase CMGC/RCK/MAK IME2 * CIMG_09053 −6.68 6.18 Kinase domain containing protein CAMK/NNK1 NNK1 CIMG_07296 −5.60 5.26 Protein kinase domain containing protein CAMK/CAMKL/MARK YPL150W CIMG_01236 −5.46 — PAK kinase STE/STE20/PAKA STE20 * CIMG_00940 −5.28 — Protein kinase Other/WEE/SWE1 SWE1 ** CIMG_07521 −4.67 2.94 Protein kinase

domain containing protein; serine/threonine protein kinase 24 STE/STE20/YSK SPS1 * CIMG_04027 −4.65 3.81 serine/threonine protein kinase ssp1 Other/CAMKK None CIMG_03267 −4.55 — serine/threonine protein kinase CAMK/CAMKL/Kin4 KIN4 ** CIMG_07588 −4.52 — Kinase domain containing protein; checkpoint kinase Other/TTK MPS1 ** CIMG_01204 −4.34 4.02 protein kinase AGC/YANK None CIMG_08909 −4.14 3.06 Protein kinase, sky 1 CMGC/SRPK SKY1 CIMG_03947 −4.04 3.64 serine/threonine protein kinase CAMK/CAMKL/PASK PSK1 CIMG_03602 −3.98 3.70 Ran1-like protein kinase Other/RAN/VHS1 VHS1 ** CIMG_04103 −3.97 — cytokenesis protein sepH STE/STE11/CDC15 CDC15 ** CIMG_08220 −3.96 6.13 serine/threonine protein kinase ATG1 Other/ULK/ULK ATG1 CIMG_06932 −3.81 2.58 MAP kinase kinase kinase SskB STE/STE11/MEKK4 SSK2 CIMG_13010 −3.74 3.93 serine/threonine protein kinase Other/RAN/KSP1 KSP1 * CIMG_09191 −3.52 2.50 Protein kinase Other/HAL/HRK1 HRK1 CIMG_09469 −3.36 — Kinase domain containing protein Other/PEK None CIMG_03857 −3.

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