Serum analysis Serum osteocalcin levels differed between the grou

The E (1.749) and sham (1.740) rats showed a higher B.Dm/Ma.Dm ratio than C but the results were not statistically significant (Table 1). Serum analysis Serum osteocalcin levels differed between the groups (p < 0.05). The highest level

of osteocalcin was observed in the PTH-treated group (45.46 ng/ml), followed by the osteoporotic C group (17.78 ng/ml). In E-treated rats (5.35 ng/ml), osteocalcin levels were lower than PTH. The concentration of the ß-crosslaps in E- (46.86 ng/ml) and PTH-treated (45.66 ng/ml) animals were slightly, but not significantly, enhanced compared selleck compound to the C group (33.83 ng/ml; Table 1). The sham animals showed the lowest level of ß-crosslaps (4.04 ng/ml) and osteocalcin (2 ng/ml). Results of intravital fluorochrome labeling of cortical bone of proximal rat femur Using the digital imaging system, it was possible to outline the regions labeled by the fluorescent agents. Because of low color intensity of xylenol orange bands (XO) and its overlabeling by CG, we measured the different mineralization times mainly marked by the red (AK), light green (CG and Xo), and yellow (TC) labels (Table 2). The PTH group demonstrated the highest bone remodeling and restoration activities on both periosteal (34.6 mcm) and especially endosteal (47 mcm and significantly higher than other groups)

surfaces. In the C group, the periosteal remodeling (21.8 mcm)

seems to be less dramatic FRAX597 order than in the PTH group but the differences were statistically not significant (Fig. 6). Table 2 The results from intravital fluorochrome labeling   Sham OVX Estradiol benzoate Parathyroid hormone Mean STD Mean STD Mean STD Mean STD Periosteal apposition Absolute apposition band width (mcm)                  Calcein green (days 0–18) 3.6a 1.4 9.4 4.4 1.5a,b 0.7 11.6b,c 8.7  Alizarin red (days 18–24) 5.2 1.3 6.4 3.7 2.3a,b 1.4 10.4b,c 7.9  Tetracycline (days 24–35) 4.5 2.0 6.0 3.2 1.4a,b 0.8 12.6b,c 8.9  Sum 13.3a   21.8   5.2a,b   34.6b,c   Absolute apposition band Tyrosine-protein kinase BLK width per day (mcm)                  Calcein green 0.2a 0.1 0.5 0.2 0.08a,b 0.04 0.6b,c 0.5  Alizarin red 0.9 0.2 1.1 0.6 0.4a,b 0.2 1.7b,c 1.3  Tetracycline 0.4 0.2 0.5 0.3 0.1a,b 0.07 1.1b,c 0.8 Sum 1.5a   2.1   0.6a,b   3.4b,c   Endosteal apposition Absolute apposition band width (mcm)                  Calcein green (days 0–18) 2.0a 1.4 No significant appositions 2.3a 1.2 17.8a,b,c 3.5  Alizarin red (days 18–24) 2.7a 2.3 3.2a 1.7 14.0a,b,c 3.5  Tetracycline (days 24–35) 0 0 1.4a 0.7 15.6a,b,c 4.6  Sum 4.7a   6.9a   47a,b,c   Absolute apposition band width per day (mcm)                  Calcein green 0.1a 0.

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