J Exp

Mar Biol Ecol 83:179–193CrossRef Pianka ER (1966) L

J Exp

Mar Biol Ecol 83:179–193CrossRef Pianka ER (1966) Latitudinal gradients in species diversity: a review of concepts. Am Nat 100:33–46CrossRef Reigstad M (2000) Plankton community and vertical flux of biogenic matter in BKM120 manufacturer north Norwegian fjords: regulating factors, temporal and spatial variations. Dissertation, Institute of Aquatic Research Environmental Biology, Norwegian College of Fishery Science, Tromsø Reigstad M, Wassmann P (1996) Importance of advection for pelagic-benthic coupling in north Norwegian fjords. Sarsia 80:245–257 Rosenzweig ML (1995) Species diversity in space and time. Cambridge University Press, CambridgeCrossRef Roy K et al (1998) Marine latitudinal diversity gradients: tests of causal hypotheses. Proc Natl Acad Sci 95:3699–3702PubMedCrossRef Salas C, Hergueta E (1986) The molluscan fauna of calcareous concretions of Mesophyllum lichenoides (Ellis) Lemoine. Study of annual cycle diversity. Iberus 6:57–65 Sanders HL (1968) Marine benthic diversity: a comparative study. Am Nat 102:243–282CrossRef Sebens KP (1991) Habitat structure and community dynamics in marine benthic find protocol systems. In: Mushinsky HR (ed) Habitat structure: the physical arrangement of objects in space. Chapman and Hall, London Sebens KP, Witting J, Helmuth B (1997) Effects of water flow and branch

spacing on particle capture by the reef coral Madracis mirabilis (Duchassaing and Michelotti). J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 211:1–28CrossRef Senn DG, Glasstetter M (1989) On the occurrence of barnacle -reefs around Cocos-Island, Costa Rica. Senck Marit 20:241–249 Sintes DM (1987) La comunidad de Anélidos Poliquetos de las concreciones de algas calcáreas del litoral catalán. Caracterización de las espicies (In Spanish). Vol 13, Publicaciones del Departamento de Zoología, Universidad de Barcelona, pp 45–54 Sintes DM, Dantart Chlormezanone L, Ballesteros M (1987) Moluscos de las concreciones de algas calceras del litoral Catalan (NE España; in Spanish). Lavori 23:445–456 Sjøkartverk N (1957) Den Norske Los (in Norwegian). Norges Sjøkartverk, Oslo, pp 37–44 Sneli J-A (1968) The Lithothamnion community in Nord-Möre, Norway. With notes on the epifauna of Desmarestia viridis

(Müller). Sarsia 31:69–74 Stevens GC (1989) The latitudinal gradient in geographical range: How so many species coexist in the tropics. Am Nat 133:240–256CrossRef Svendsen H (1995) Physical KU-57788 price oceanography of coupled fjord-coast systems in northern Norway with special focus on frontal dynamics and tides. In: Leinaas HP (ed) Proceedings from the Mare Nor Symposium on the Ecology of fjords and coastal waters. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam Tande K (1990) Calanus in north Norwegian fjords and in the Barents Sea. In: Sakshaug E, Hopkins CCE, Oeritsland NA (eds) Pro Mare symposium on polar marine ecology. Norwegian Polar Institute Press, Trondheim ten Hove HA (1979) Different causes of mass occurence in Serpulids. In: Rosen BR (ed) Biology and systematics of colonial organisms.

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